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JustAdmìn Sàrl

Our services

JustAdmin is an accounting and tax company, which Sarl provides a range of services connected with the domiciliation and administration of Luxembourg companies for a diversified international clientele. They can co-ordinate implementation with independent tax specialists, lawyers and notaries, as well as delivering tailor-made solutions adapted to Clients’ objectives in a responsive and professional manner.

Accounting and Tax Services
Including but not limited to General ledger, Corporate Income Tax, withholding tax, and Monthly-Yearly VAT return.
Corporate Secretarial Services
Including but not limited to registered address and offices, Mailing handling Services, Maintaining the shareholder register, Administrating board and shareholders meetings and Maintaining statutory records and corporate file.
Management reporting

The accumulated information sent on a periodic basis (monthly, quarterly, etc…) to company’s or group’s decision-makers to help them making strategic decisions and/or moving operations forward in efficient way.

CSSF SGOREP reporting

Quarterly reporting / annual information [financial situation (table SG 1A), profit and loss account. (table SG 1B), table regarding the management …

Payroll Services

A pay slip related to a set period, normally monthly pay slips on a given date, normally the last  business day of a month.


We work as a single united team with market leading firms around the world and give our client the highest quality advice possible

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