Justlex is able to offer its Clients the comfort of speaking to a lawyer in their own mother tongue, by a combination of traditional and innovative approaches.


e assist Clients in broad financial/commercial fields, including: international family tax planning, corporate structuring and restructuring, wealth management, advice and negotiation in reference to complex transactions and international trade. We have gained a significant experience in setting up diverse Luxembourg investment vehicles, Luxembourg and non-Luxembourg SPVs and private equity vehicles, including SICAV.


ith the utmost discretion, typical of our lawyers, Justlex provides its Clients with a full range of services in the following practice areas: estate planning, corporate structuring and restructuring, business law, legal opinions and legal advice. Moreover Justlex keeps a strong focus on European litigation law and is particularly skilled in labor law with European institutions.

hereas we hate injustice, we strive ourselves to represent our Clients in any jurisdiction, from domestic courts to the international ones, especially to redress difficult situations, to solve complex labour law cases through negotiations and, only when strictly necessary, before the Court of Justice of the European Union.
Our best practices
Supervised Entities
During the time we have gained an in-depth knowledge of several banking and financial business models. Today Justlex advises banks and other financial public or private institutions and facilitate as investors the intervention in sophisticated transactions and operations, including domestic and international private equity funds, lenders, borrowers, originators, trustees and managers, with an approach constantly oriented to understand the peculiarities of Client’s businesses.
We have developed strong experience in this field, assisting issuers, shareholders, bondholders on the Luxembourg and international markets. Sale of shares and in the placement of debt instruments in the markets is our daily job. We also assist regulated or non-regulated entities and their shareholders in drawing up the market disclosures in reference to extraordinary transactions (e.g. disclosure documents on mergers or acquisitions) and in the ordinary course of business
We assist our Clients in tackling complex compliance challenges in light of the revised European Money Laundering Directive and the FATF (GAFI- Groupe d’action financière Internationale) recommendations and standards, as well as the amendments made to the AML/CFT regime. Our advice and assistance are based on our long-term experience and clear understanding of the different Client business environments.
A significant part of our activities is consecrated to learn, explore and put into practice the laws and regulations of the investments funds. This is a constant work which has allowed us to gain the suitable market knowledge and technical experience to provide our Clients with a first-class service. Our lawyers are particularly experienced in investment funds and provide a dynamic assistance to sponsors, fund managers and institutional investors. We advise Clients about the full spectrum of private investment funds, investment strategies and all the steps to take into account in relation to the life of an investment fund. We are skilled in fund structuring, establishment and fund management.
Our lawyers assist private equity institutions, management teams, holders of debt portfolio and holding companies, through all the stages of the private equity life cycle. Our lawyers nurture a strong sector-driven approach aimed at providing clear legal solutions within a short period of time.
Our Team provides Clients involved in distressed company situations with innovative solutions, by allowing them to minimise costs and enhance value. Our Clients range from debt and equity investors to executives of underperforming businesses and accountants engaged in restructuring and recovering work. We can deal with the setup of securitisation vehicles and our practice also encompasses residential and commercial mortgage loan securitisations, personal loans and principal finance. Our team is able to combine all the elements involved in complex restructurings, contentious and non-contentious, by representing boards, owners, creditors, investors, lenders in financial recapitalisations, acquisitions and liquidations.
Unregulated Entities
We assist our Clients on any aspect of corporate law. We deal with complex matters on a daily basis, developing innovative solutions to satisfy the Clients’ needs. We are involved in corporate governance for listed and unlisted companies, joint ventures and partnership agreements, thus assisting our Clients in drafting and negotiating commercial contracts of any type (e.g. distribution and agency agreements, shareholders’ agreements, financing agreements, transfer pricing agreements).
We assist our Clients in shaping the ideas in legal form, filing the applications and providing the best protection via copyright to their ideas and products against any infringement and appropriation Justlex can represent or assist its Clients, directly or through its network of specialists, before any administrative authorities and any courts concerning patents and trademarks. We assist our Clients with licensing and franchising agreements in different areas such as FMCG, pharmaceutical and medical devices, and industry technologies.
Justlex offers tailor-made outsourcing contracts of legal and paralegal activities, characterised by high time-consuming and complex procedures. These activities, such as drafting minutes, drafting and applying procedures of compliance, AML and personal data protection, are carried out directly at the Client’s premises, one or more days per week, by our Team, displaced for the occasion.
We assist our domestic and international Clients in operations of acquisition, merger, demerger, sale of stocks, carve out of companies and business participations, as well as in the setting up of joint ventures and management buyout operations. We also have significant experience in cross border mergers, demergers and restructuring of target companies.
Disputes among owners of a business in corporate or individual forms take place in many shapes and very often depend on the type of business entity involved. We have gained vast experience in assisting Clients on their rights and obligations in light of disputes arising between partners or shareholders.
Advisory Services
We represent our Clients in international commercial and investment disputes before arbitration tribunals, like the London Court of International Arbitration (LCIA). Our expertise and experience in the arbitration field, combined with our international network, grants our Clients high standards of service in a complex and highly specialised matter as international arbitration. Whereas our Clients have increasingly realised that privacy, flexibility and relative speed of ADR make it a logical choice in business disputes of any type, our extremely practical approach in disputes is particularly important in determining the best resolution procedure in reference to domestic and international transactions, acting in the best interests of the Client.

At Justlex we are also regularly appointed by the Luxembourg courts in insolvency procedures, especially for debt collections and asset recovery in large bankruptcies, in which we normally act as judicial liquidator, receiver in company judicial liquidations and insolvencies, and as temporary administrator in succession matters.

It worth noting that, the Luxembourg insolvency law has recently been modernised, leaving unimpacted the panorama of financial collateral arrangements, such as direct agreements among parties, pledge agreements and netting arrangements, which remain unaffected by local or foreign insolvency proceedings. In particular, the law of 5 August 2005 on financial collateral arrangements, as amended, and the law of 10 July 2020 on professional payment guarantees, combined with the new Luxembourg law dated 7 August 2023, entered into force, on November 1st 2023 (ex-draft Bill No. 6539A), as reviewed the restructuring mechanisms and proceedings, such as the controlled management, the moratorium or reprieve from payment and the composition with creditors.

We assist our Clients in the opening phases of pre-litigation with the aim of negotiating a fast conclusion or in the assessment of disputes as well as judicial proceedings, with a particular focus on the corporate, banking and financial fields. Our lawyers and accountants have extensive experience in civil and criminal litigation matters before national and international courts of any instance. Amongst our Clients, Justlex includes banks, leading companies in Luxembourg and worldwide, in diverse financial, industrial and commercial sectors.
We advise High Net Worth Individuals and families in international private law and international inheritance issues both directly and with consolidated partners (e.g. banks, fiduciary and asset management companies). Our activity implies the use of the most appropriate national and international instruments, e.g. foundations, family estate restructuring, trusts, wills, wealth succession, inheritance advances, donations and life insurance A significant part of our work requires to carefully listen to the needs of our private Clients with unique care and rare involvement in respect of the family/individual intimate needs and with absolute confidentiality.
We every day assist to displacements in the delicate relation among employees and employers, frequently because of the inadequacy of rules and regulations, often preventing general procedures to rule peculiar situations. Our long experience in this domain, along with our strong commitment, allows our lawyers to deal with human resource departments, general counsels and managing directors of European institutions and big multinationals, to help the parties to strike a balance between the organizational needs and the individual rights. We are highly skilled in resolving issues through informal negotiations and internal procedures designed to seek amicable settlement and, only when strictly necessary, we represent our Clients before the European Court of Justice. The offer of this bespoke assistance is the driving forces behind our growing professional success in this very sophisticate sector of the employment law.
We offer a specialised service in assessing the current competencies and policies at the Client’s premises, by amending or re-writing the procedure in the matter of Personal Data Protection and Compliance with laws and regulations including, but not limited to, AML regulations.

In the frame of the management of their estates, Justlex Clients ask to our specialised lawyers support in restructuring their activities also by way of voluntary liquidation and dissolution of their companies, which may involve also restructuring debt and loans on the side of the borrower, as well as of the lender, or in the conversion of debt to equity. This activity of non-judicial debt restructurings, including the refinancing or the renegotiation of existing debt imply tight work with our corresponding accounting firm JustAdmin Sàrl.

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